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3+1 Hacks to win in community trading and make money.

Let me introduce you to the features the IOI platform offers to its Racers and what will be included in our MvP on April 15th.


In a the article, How IOI is changing the social trading, we have shown you that TRADING should be easier and more interesting, and it should be fun as well…. Yep it should also by profitable.


Unlike traditional trading where you compete against the market, the IOI platform brings you all the elements of a Person Vs Person (PvP) so you can compete against other users as well the market. It’s also a place where you can share and show your knowledge about market trends and movements, it’s a Community.

You still need your trading skills to pick the proper FUEL, your crypto pool, because that will determine how fast you will be in the race.  There is also the option to join a team that will give you access to automatic gearbox, an easy option, essentially you can use the wisdom of the team to fill up your tank with the right mix of crypto currency.


Racers will be able to choose between:

  •  24 hours Race (1000 TRX) – win up to 1 000 000 TRX
  •  3 minutes Race (10, 100, 500, 1000 TRX) – win up to 1 000 000 TRX daily
  •  Free Race (0 TRX) – up to 1440 TRX risk free

Interested in how the race will evolve and how to take the prize home with you?

Follow us, as the Race structure will be explained in depth in one of our future blogposts 😉


To start a race, you will need a CAR and to make things even more interesting we’ve decided to introduce several CAR types that can help you reach your target and WIN the RACE. All cars will have their “strength” calculated in kW and users can get a BOOST of up to 60kw depending on the CAR they are driving. Cars are important but they will not be the only way to get a BOOST. We value our IOI tokens and we value the trust our users give us, that’s why you can get up to 60kw BOOST just by HODLING IOI tokens inside your in game wallet.

Additional BOOST’s can be achieved through the REFERRAL program (up to 30kw) and as mentioned above once you join a TEAM you can get up to 30kW BOOST and get the advantage that can change the RACE outcome in your favour.


Users will be able to join a team (their preferred cryptocurrency) and subscribe to the TEAM feed for 5€ a month, which is less than the price you spend on coffee. Your actions matter and you are contributing to your team’s results, that’s why you and your teammates will get up to 30kw BOOST in every RACE as long as you’re a TEAM member. And that is not everything, once you’re a TEAM member you and your teammates will split a 5% turnover bonus for each victory you and your team achieve in the RACES.

Joining a Team means you will be able to:

  • Get a 30Kw car boost and have this "un-fair" advantage in all races
  • Split the 5% Team turnover BONUS which means you can make money even if you didnt win a race
  • Get an Early Bird Special!


Winning a prize is great but how can that be improved?

Fame has to be earned, with our user statistics you can show what you are made of and how you are following market trends, but once people start recognizing your nick and start following you, you will have and additional reason to improve yourself and your trading skills which will definitely benefit you and your FANS. Start on time, gather your ARMY of FANS as we’re already planning to improve the social aspect of trading in order to help people connect and get the most out of their investment and BEAT THE MARKET TOGETHER.

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