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Amazing Q1 – 2020

We have done so much in this quarter to bring IOI closer to launch and become a sustainable business in the crypto gambling industry with our unique and exciting racing game. Therefore, it is our commitment to provide transparency to our stakeholders in this quarterly report.



We have successfully established a company in Curacao, more precisely registered at [Abraham de Veerstraat 9, Willemstadt, Curacao. Curacao Registration No. 149485 is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the Government of Curacao License. The company trade name is IOI.]

We are currently also applying for Global Gaming License. With this achievement, we believe we prove to the world that we are undoubtedly a legitimate business in this crypto space.


Our developers have been working so hard to code, test, and on debugging. These incredible efforts bring our launch date closer than we tought. What we have done so far: * Web 1.0 online; * Web 2.0 online; * MVP development; * IOI wallet design; * Premium program; and * Token generation event.


We understand that marketing is vital for a new company. Therefore, we have put an enormous amount of work to tweak our website's SEO so that it performs better on the search engine with proper and relevant meta tags, keywords optimization, and backlinks from reputable and relevant domains.

We also build various social media channels to communicate better with our community. You can find our social media channels here

We have also produced various fresh teaser videos to tell the world how cool our game is. Lastly, we ramped up our content creation with updated blog posts.


Good governance is one of our concerns; that is the reason we take documentation as well as strategic implementations seriously. Hence, we have updated our whitepaper to version 1.1. This paper gives investors a holistic view of what we are doing and what we will provide to the cryptocurrency community. Other than better planning, we also hire new in-house developers and strategic advisors to strengthen our organization. These efforts surely mark our way to become the best skill games platform in the whole crypto space.

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