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How IOI, The Community Trading Game is changing old school social trading?

the only community trading game

I bet that most social traders are just not having fun copying others and looking at the charts. Being one of
them, I know it’s not our fault.


But let’s face it, charts and stocks and bonds trading is not always fun right?

Also it’s not easy to understand all the principles and processes that are involved in trading. And that’s
only if you look at just traditional trading, let alone alternative and crypto trading.

  • Confusing words and terminology, it’s like learning a new language
  • Thinking it’s too risky which could mean you will lose more than you put into it
  • You have no idea what you are actually doing which most likely means you will lose money anyway

No wonder you might feel overwhelmed; we were the same. Especially given the emerging and mass adoption of crypto is behind the corner, block chain offers a fast, reliable and transparent interaction between two sides that are hundreds of kilometres away, while at the same time allowing its users to make investments

Imagine if trading would be more familiar, especially to “general public” so that it’s as easy as filling a fuel tank on your car…

Community Trading Game

It took a while but you can now join a trading platform that has raving fans outside the crypto enthusiast community, fans that are looking to make money online without the technical “mumbo jumbo”.

You can enjoy:

  • The platform is as easy to use as is filling up your tank with fuel, which means you can understand it and use it in less than 5 minutes
  • Limit your downside and increase your upside so that you can earn more while staying safe
  • In trading its win or lose, with community trading game you can earn money in more ways which increases your return on investment

If you ever wanted to be a real trader, without spending next 5 years learning all there is to it, you should check out our new platform, its FREE and you can still make money daily!

The pre-Launch

the only community trading game

At the moment we are finalising all the work that goes into developing a great platform.

The initial launch will come with all the relevant features like, Affiliate program for Referrals and staking for longer term investing and much more.

It doesn’t happen often that you are presented with an chance to join something that has the potential to change the way we think about crypto and trading as the whole.

Don’t miss out on the cool early bird stuff we will be sending to our subscribers so join now on, follow the latest news on our social channels and get familiar with how to PLAY and EARN more in the upcoming days.