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Why Crypto Dice Games Are Obsolete

Whenever you see promotions of new crypto dice games, you will feel pretty much nothing, empty, screaming internally for a new game other than the "legendary" dice games. What can you do with dice? Waiting for your lucky number to show up? 


Dice is boring because you just click a roll button and waiting for your lucky number to appear. Is this really a cool skill game?

You see, blockchain games should be more challenging and fun than a mere dice game; therefore, we are working so hard to bring a brand new crypto game to the table, which is totally different from dice.

The Difference between Crypto Dice Games and IOI Social Gaming Platform

IOI wants to be the bridge between trading and gaming, and we want to be the first stepping stone for beginners traders and old gamers to the blockchain world. IOI game is unique because you try to trade, while at the same time, you play the race game. Your portfolio is your fuel, and if your coins grow, you will win many races. Moreover, you can always boost your performance with additional gaming parts like better cars, holding the token, and improve your boost.

IOI is a social gaming platform, meaning that you can play with your friends, unlike the mainstream crypto games, where you can only play alone and chat with ~~friends~~ bots. In IOI, you can invite friends and let them watch you, join a team, and if you have a team, you will be stronger and have a better chance to win the prize money.

It is a skill game, unlike most of the games in the bitcoin gambling community, i.e., chance games. Skill-based games provide a massive opportunity for the gaming community to spend their time honing their skill for the IOI game, getting better at creating portfolios, predicting coin movement, and finally win the race. The top five race cars will win the lucrative prize.

You just can't be better at chance games since it constitutes a little or no skill at all. Furthermore, skill games open up thousands of cryptocurrency combination, its proportion, timing, booster, etc.

IOI is a block chain game, where you can check every transaction on the TRON block chain. It provides transparency and accountability, unlike mainstream bitcoin gambling platforms, where your record may or may not be there forever if you want to validate the seed hashes in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the obsolete dice platform now and join the IOI community.

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