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Why Is One Token Economy The Best For Everyone

You know the hustle of changing money and token when you are abroad? Platforms with multi token economy are the same. This brings unnecessary transaction and exchange fees increasing the cost of being and using that platform.


If you have been living under a rock, “Token” or a digital currency is basically what you see in mobile gaming or crypto world to display and purchase an item, like a car, cloths or a cow if you are farmville fan.

As you can see there are many uses for a token, however which token should you get if there are multiple on a platform? Pick the wrong one and you can loose money in transaction fees.

For that reason we are bringing you ONE TOKEN ECONOMY, this means that you only have one digital currency within the platform. The IOI token is the cryptocurrency at the core of the IOI platform where you don't have any extra exchange fees and charges, thus saving you money, time and effort. It also makes everything transparent and easy.

IOI Tokens can be used for:

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Users can take part in ALL RACES that are held on our platform, even in the RACES that are held at the same time!

To start a RACE all you need is a CAR, and we dont want to limit you, your garage can hold up to 7 CARS (1 basic CAR +6 additional CARS with a 10kw-60kw BOOST) which gives you the chance to enter all types of Races at the same time or even enter into one race multiple times and secure an even bigger part of the total prize


Doesn't matter how big or small, it is your way of getting edge to beat everyone, and this type of an edge can definitely make a difference against your competitors to get you over the finish line as the CHAMPION of the RACE.

The more races you win, the more tokens you have which in turn you gives you the ability to purchase items or stake to makre, well more tokens..


Additional cars, special features and other items will be purchasable on the IOI internal marketplace. All of these items will be represented by tokens that are stored on the blockchain, which means that you will be able to store IOI racing cars on a wallet, just like you would with a cryptocurrency. All users will be able to buy and sell these items between themselves


Yes, inside our NITRO WALLET you will have an option to stake IOI tokens and earn REWARDS for the trust you've placed in us. We've come up with several REWARDS that you'll be able to claim when you stake your tokens.

More IOI tokens you stake bigger the reward, there are two main rewards Active and Passive.

Passive reward unlocks the investment potential and with a set Yield Per Annum with up to 24% per year!

Active reward brings you extra boost for your car and also it will unlock better and faster cars to race with and have to an edge… You will get a special lottery ticket a LAMBO 2020!


The absolute best is the eligibility for SPECIAL AIRDROPS depending on the amount of tokens you have. Hold enough tokens and you can avail of the TEAM BONUS that brings additional income to you.

Want to be part of the BONUS Race? Well then the only way is to have enough Tokens to be eligible for the race ticket.

The Ultimate BONUS is the TURNOVER AIRDROP where holders with the LUXURY packages are getting a portion of the platforms turnover, now thats what I call a BONUS!

You see the whole platform is made for the users, active or passive, whatever way you'll choose, you will benefit.