The NEW Crypto games standard!

IOI-Game is here to replace the old and boring block chain slots and dice games. You will experience the adrenaline & thrill of competing against others to become the crypto world champion! It`s FREE to play winners take home TRX tokens!

turn passion into wins

You will get to compete in this GAME of SKILL which means no more house edge, no more losing odds!

This platform is the fairest platform from them all because its a PVP game with players from all around the world looking to beat the market and each other to become the ULTIMATE CHAMPION.

Game Play

Play against your friends & others in this crypto-trading game. Fuel your perfect mix of coins to WIN all the TRX tokens in the game. Go ahead beat the market!

Valuable Cars

Collect cars into your garrage, each car increases in value! Make them special and pimp them to your liking. Be unique, be fast, be the champion.


Community is here for you, teams receive additional BONUS every month in TRX tokens based on their ranking. Teams also give you hints & tips to WIN even more races. 

The Only Provably Fair Game

This is PVP game only, no slots no casino edge. Pay outs are based on turnover so that you will always know how much you earned in any race!

The Edge of tomorrow

Be at the front lines where new trends are born! You will be part of the community that pushes the game standard to new levels.

Create a dream experience with us, together we can make the whole crypto game industry so much better. Merging gaming & trading into one platforma and experience will bring you joy and as an early adopter the biggest potential profits!

Build your assets

It takes more than just a fast car to become the champion! Get your garage in order, more cars mean more races and that means more points!

You will not do this alone, join a team to receive crypto hints & tips to gain an edge so you can beat the market every single time. Going PRO means to be the leader with many referred friends joining the cause. Do you have what it takes to become the champion?

Don`t Take our word for it

Platform is very unique with bright future. Team is dynamic and always willing to help to answer questions.
I love never ending airdrop. I have already won many rewards.

Very good project with 5 stars out of 5.

Aragona, The Champion

I work as a game developer &  thats what has led me to IOI - Game. I have been enjoying the game a lot and I think it has a very good long term potential.
My plan is to race and win and then stake IOI tokens. I like the concept, fairness and layout of the whole platform.

RamBam, The Moon Rider