The Best Trading Game on the Planet!

IOI-GAME is the bridge between trading and gaming, bringing thrill, adrenaline and racing to your world. Earn massive online income playing this online game even if you never traded before. It`s FREE to play & winners take home TRX tokens!

Build your own online income

With the combination of RACES where you competing against other traders to beat the market and earn TRX Tokens and absolutely awesome STAKING program you can replace your monthly income even if you are a complete novice in the cryptocurrency world!


Choose the PERFECT MIX of crypto coins & beat the market! The race gives you the thrill of real world competition full of adrenaline and excitement!


Collect cars and let them appreciate in value coupled with amazing coin STAKING programe you are one race away from replacing your monthly income.


Be part of the largest trading game community on the planet. Enjoy the monthly Team BONUS with all the crypto hints & tips to WIN even more races. 

Referral program

Connect the dots and invite friends to the platform to compete & race with them!


Every time your friend wins a race you will receive prize pool share to build a steady flow of TRX tokens every month!

Enjoy Yourself

Trading is great, however it will never be a fun endeavor. IOI - Game gives you the trading gamification you need to stay sharp and focused! Its not here to replace trading but to complement it and make it whole.

Ideal for novice to learn how to trade as well as experience traders looking a break from the day trading work. The best part is that you will never risk more than the race fee with a exponential prize pool or profit potential.

Investor Mind Set

IOI Tokens are limited in supply therefore the expectation is that it will appreciate in value over time. All traders and investors are paid from turnover everything is open and on smart contract for transparency that you deserve.

Smart investors realize that using the IOI Platform they will receive multiple benefits to have an amazing return on investment like staking, affiliate program, token mining as well items marketplace. 

Don`t Take our word for it

Platform is very unique with bright future. Team is dynamic and always willing to help to answer questions. I love neverending airdrop. I have already won many rewards.

Very good project with 5 stars out of 5.


I work as a game developer thats what has led me to the IOI-GAME. I have been enjoying the game a lot and I think it has a very good long term potential.

My plan is to race and win tokens, then stake IOI tokens. I like the concept, fairness and layout of the whole platform.